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Soil Association launches online Christmas marketplace

Soil Association Certification is supporting organic farmers and growers and brands this Christmas with their online Organic Collective Christmas marketplace.

Featuring organic products including turkeys, veg boxes and other Christmas essentials, the Soil Association is bringing the world of organic to one place, providing organic producers with a dedicated showcase for their products or farm shops and helping shoppers easily find, try and buy all they need for an organic Christmas.

Following the success of Organic September, which saw the organic market grow by 7.1% during the month up from an average of 4.2% to date in 2017, the Organic Collective marketplace gives all Soil Association Certification licensees a platform to showcase their products, continue to build strong relationships around food transparency and fuel the organic market at a key time of year. Soil Association Certification will be running an online advertising campaign alongside the Organic Trade Board’s Feed Your Happy campaign which will lead shoppers to the site.

Liz Bowles, head of farming at the Soil Association said: “As shoppers continue to prioritise their nutrition and food traceability, and with the organic market forecast to exceed £2.2 billion in sales by the year end, there’s no better time to celebrate organic than Christmas. As well as helping consumers find everything they need to be inspired about organic on the Christmas hub, we are also encouraging them to visit their local independent organic retailer, try a box scheme or visit a Farm Shop. For farmers, this is chance to connect with new customers and showcase their products.

“We now know that organic fruit, vegetables, meat and milk are nutritionally different from their non-organic counterparts, with organic fruit and vegetables containing up to 60% higher levels of key antioxidants. Research for the European Parliament has also found that organic food can reduce risk of developing allergies and adult obesity. All of this is good news, both for customers and for producers.”

For more information about the Organic Collective Christmas marketplace, including how to get products listed online, contact Niamh Noone To view the marketplace go to