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Set up your own camping site

It’s estimated that last year alone, the number of people treating themselves to a camping or caravanning holiday rose by 10%. But how can you get involved in this growing market? One way is to join the Camping and Caravanning Club’s Certified Site scheme.


The Camping and Caravanning Club is always on the lookout for potential locations for Certificated Sites (CSs). The Club holds special exemptions from Natural England to establish small campsites for its members, meaning that landowners don’t need planning permission or a site licence from their Local Authority.

CSs are small, privately run campsites that can accommodate up to five caravans or motorhomes, and up to 10 tents, space permitting. They can be open all year round, or you can specify a camping season such as March to October, and whether you require advanced booking at the site.
It’s at your discretion what kind of site you wish to provide, whether it be a basic hideaway or a fully facilitated family-friendly set up. You can be tent-only, caravan-only, or accept all units… just as long as you meet the basic requirements the rest is up to you!

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