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Recognising excellence in Cornish farming

Nominations for the best and brightest of Cornwall’s farming businesses are now open as the Addington Fund launches its 2018 Cornwall Farm Business Awards.

Recognising excellence in any industry is important, but in farming it is a lifestyle as well as job that the nominees will have worked day and night to perfect. “It is so important to celebrate and congratulate those who demonstrate excellence in farming; not only is it a real confidence booster, but these farmers are examples of where the entire industry will be heading in the future,” said Sheila Cole, chairman of trustees at the Addington Fund. “With entries for the awards closing on 28 February, get your nominations in now.”

Previous awards have seen innovative producers and those taking technical accuracy to the next level congratulated for their success. “This would not be possible without the continual support of Stephens Scown and the Royal Cornwall Agriculture Association, who are integral to the success of the awards,” she added.

It’s time to celebrate Cornwall’s farmers, from new entrants bringing fresh ideas, to those who’ve championed the industry for years, says Phil Reed, partner and head of the rural team at Stephens Scown. “Sharing success through events like the Cornwall Farm Business Awards is important for the farming community,” he added. “Farmers are renowned for being modest about their hard work, dedication and innovation.

“Without them we simply wouldn’t have the quality local food and drink we enjoy so much. I encourage everyone in the farming community to enter or nominate someone from the vast pool of talent this region has to offer.”

The awards are about recognising individuals, families and companies for their contribution to Cornish and British agriculture. “Innovation may be making change possible, but it is the people who are the driving force behind it,” said Mrs Cole. “If you have a friend or neighbour who is doing an amazing job, please nominate them.” Every category is still open for nominations and self-nominations are very welcome.

Farmers and growers in Cornwall are invited to apply for one of the following categories:

  • Best Commercial Farmer nomination 2018
  • Best Woman in Farming nomination 2018
  • Best Livestock Farmer nomination 2018
  • Best Farm Processor nomination 2018
  • Best Dairy Farmer nomination 2018
  • Best Young Farmer nomination 2018
  • Best Farming Champion award nomination 2018.

Entries close on 28 February 2018, with winners being announced at the awards dinner scheduled for Thursday 26 April at the Royal Cornwall Events Centre.
Information about the awards, the various categories and how to enter can be found at