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Nibbling at the elephant’s bottom

The story of how one family made an international business out of elderflower

Belvoir Fruit Farms have been making elderflower cordials and pressés for over 30 years.

Still a family owned and run business, they remain true to their original recipes and roots, with their whole range being handmade on the farm and using only the finest natural ingredients.

“Originally we just made it for ourselves, family and friends,” Managing Director Peverel Manners said. “But it became so popular that people would beg, steal and borrow to get hold of a bottle. At the time our ‘pick your own’ fruit farm wasn’t doing terribly well and so my father decided we should try our hand at selling the cordial, initially through delicatessens and farm shops, making us the first company to go into commercial production of elderflower cordial in the UK.”

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