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Making the most of natural beauty

While thinking about how to use the natural beauty of their woodland in mid-Wales, John and son Leigh Price decided to place small cabins along the forest trails and rent them out for glamping.

They wanted to design a glamping pod that would blend into the woodland and any natural environment. So together with an architect, they designed their own unique glamping pods that would be durable and versatile for varying uses. And thus the moduLog was born.

All moduLog pods are made to last; everything is built to the highest standards using John’s 40 years’ experience in the joinery and building trade. So you get a solid structure that be used in all weather conditions.

The company use locally sourced sheep wool insulation in the ceilings, floor and walls to keep the pod warm during the winter and solar reflective insulation in the roof helps to keep the pod cool in the summer. Anti-vermin mesh covers the entire exterior to keep out pests.

Unlike most other pods, the moduLog has large glazing on the front which allows for unspoilt views of the countryside even on rainy days.

All exterior wood elements are milled from home-grown low maintenance timber – oak doors, windows and floors with Douglas fir and oak cladding.

Exterior and interior finishes are easily customisable although the core structure remains the same. Interior furniture is available which converts into beds and have storage space inside. Water and power can be hooked up, or the pod can come ready with a solar kit that provides enough power for a TV, computer, and basic electric needs.

There are many different uses for moduLogs, including garden offices, summerhouses, writing studios and fishing huts.

The team deliver nationwide and where vehicle access is limited can deliver as a flat pack and construct onsite.

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