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From modest beginnnings

A family farm shows everyone how diversification is done Knockraich Farm has been owned by the Rodger family since the 1950s and perfectly illustrates what can be achieved by diversification having won the Silver Award for Family Farming Business of the Year 2015 in the British Farming Awards.

Ice cream appeal

The Fell family has been creating award-winning Cheshire Farm Ice Cream for nearly 30 years. As the business started to grow, people would visit the farm in order to purchase the delicious ice cream and eventually The Ice Cream Farm tourist attraction was born. The site, which sits adjacent to the Cheshire Farm Ice Cream…

The British Quinoa Company


Until recently, it wasn’t possible to grow quinoa in this country as it didn’t suit our climate. But Stephen Jones didn’t let that stop him. He carried out trials of several different types of quinoa on his family’s farm in Shropshire until he found one that worked – a new variety specially bred to complement…