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Britain’s wine producers pledge tenfold increase in exports by 2020


The announcement came after the first ever English Wine Round Table was held to discuss ways to boost future production.

Producers and wine industry representatives vowed to increase wine exports from 250,000 bottles to 2.5 million bottles by 2020.

To do this, the industry will grow the area of planted vineyards from 2,000 to 3,000 hectares, with the goal of doubling production from five million bottles to 10 million bottles a year by 2020.

To help, they will be given access to new data on soil types, water resources and infrastructure networks to help find the best areas of land for production.

The government’s recently-created Great British Food Unit will back the drive, while the government has also pledged to help identify an extra 75,000 acres suitable for sparkling wine production.

The British wine industry has been growing steadily over recent years, with figures showing production has doubled in the past five years.

Last year, sales broke the £100 million barrier for the first time as producers adopted cutting-edge technology.

Defra Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss aims to get the industry to a point at which it can start to compete with Australia, France and Italy.